About Me

I’m Emily Lowes, freelancer & creative

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and I decided to set up a blog to track my journey through the creative industry.

Over the past two years, despite ridiculously abnormal global circumstances, I’ve created a business for myself and become a successful freelancer. My work spans B2B marketing, blogging, journalism, client profile management and content writing.

As a blogger, I write all things lifestyle, breaking the comfort zone, and personal experiences. As a journalist, I’m an investigative, solutions-led reporter. I’m interested in social justice & reform, class/gender/race inequalities and topics that people really (should) care about. As a digital marketer, I have experience with B2B, lifestyle, healthcare, and higher education marketing, as well as a variation of blogs, businesses and websites.

What I do

Marketing, advertising, social media management and general copywriting.

Graphic design
Skills in website-building, development and graphic art. I can design banners, social graphics and website art.

Digital marketing
I’m a trained digital marketing specialist with specific experience in healthcare and higher education marketing. I can increase online presence for websites, social media accounts and businesses.

Client management
I manage some high profile clients’ online profiles, websites and portfolios. Writing content for their websites, emails, programmes, presentations is my specialty – bringing their personalities to life on the screen.

I utilise a range of editing software to suit the needs of TV, video and audio. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite.

BJTC-accredited MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism. Text, TV, radio and social journalism.


Content Writer
Earnest Agency
Specialising in B2B marketing, Earnest works with clients to create engaging and exciting content. This role allows me to get creative with briefs – I’m able to think about the propositions and the best way to present the content to the desired audience.

Specialising in B2B tech marketing, the agency spans four countries and multiple high-profile clients. This role has given me the opportunity to see the inner workings of the B2B world, where I’ve been taught how to write whitepapers, blogs, emails, adverts, presentations, scripts… the list goes on.

Freelance Content Writer
I manage the online profiles and websites of high profile clients (undisclosed), as well as writing the content for a number of public websites, such as The Big Phone Store. I write content and manage the websites, presentation scripts, and professional profiles of my clients.
I currently have limited availability for new clients. Enquire via email or through the “Contact” page.

UK Correspondent
Eat News, Taiwan
Here I am a freelance UK Correspondent for Eat News, Taiwan. I write investigative pieces that focus on UK and Hong Kong economics and politics. I have written bylines for this outlet upon the request of my longstanding professional contact, Fausto Chou, who is the editor of the digital paper.
My patch of investigation includes the UK economy and politics, as well as the politics of the UK’s involvement with Hong Kong. I also investigate China’s infringement on the rights of Hong Kongers, as well as pockets of activism from all over Kong Hong.

Digital Marketing Executive
The Fresh UK
The Fresh is a digital marketing agency, specializing in healthcare & dentistry. We take on clients within the healthcare industry and act as an extension of their online business.
My responsibilities here include social media management and marketing, copywriting, email newsletter marketing, web content marketing, web development, and backend website management.
Content strategy, planning and creation for multiple brands and websites we manage is undertaken by myself. As well as this, I work on digital marketing strategies for clients that we work with, with the goal of growing their business.

News, Communications and Digital Marketing Coordinator
I directed the launch of the audience-building subsidiary website for the company Findadmission.com, which helps to place African students in touch with international study opportunities. The goal was to create a hub for prospective students to use as their go-to website for study abroad news. I developed FA News, for which I designed and implemented the digital marketing and content strategy. I then edited and managed the site, curated and uploaded content daily in accordance with the strategy to subsequently build a site that was consistent with the brand.

I Am Birmingham
I was in charge of editing for the news website, and publishing articles to deadlines, reporting to the managing editor.

Writer, Journalist, Editor
Birmingham Eastside
Here, I wrote for my University newspaper as well as edited and managed content on certain news days.

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