I just paid nearly £100 to renew this site so I thought I’d better write a post

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be complaining about the price of hosting a blog. But I didn’t lie… I just spent a lot of money automatically (accidentally) renewing this website. A website I haven’t written on in at least three months.

What is it about this obsession I have with thinking that if I spend lots of money on something, that means I’ll surely use it? You’d think I would know myself well enough by now to know that’s just not true.

I set up this blog a year ago, when I was working in hospitality and trying to build up my writing portfolio. Because nothing says “I’m good at writing!” more than a blog with (less than) 5 monthly views. Hats off, I guess, to past me for giving it a go.

Anyway, a couple of months into my subscription the pandemic hit and [insert cliché about the world turning upside down here]. I have to say, furlough gave me a lot of time to write a lot of nonsense. I had no idea what this website was for, aside from using it as a hosting spot for my various sporadic writings. I didn’t have a keen enough interest in anything for it to become a regular themed blog.

“Lifestyle blog” enter stage left

And so it was born: one of many thousands (if not millions) before it. The lifestyle blog. For creatives. About life. Sometimes expanding on my two original thoughts a week.

Writing about lots of things is good. But not really when they’re all in the same place. The first tip I read about setting up a website was: have a theme. Naturally, I ignored that. Much like every piece of advice I’ve ever been given, undoubtedly to the dismay of my parents.

When I got my first “proper” job in the industry, I decided it was time to really create a focus for the site. And since I was now in the working world, what better than to divulge all the tips and tricks of the trade? I started my job in November. My most recent post was in December. In fairness, it was about copywriting… but also about Love Actually.

My main problem is that I only really write when I feel like it, and I don’t often feel like writing about things I’ve learnt about the creative industry when I spend all my waking hours in it. Like I said, a website needs a focus. Unfortunately, my motivations to write often come from observing things and making some form of commentary. Hence I wrote a lot about motivation and social justice during lockdown.

Another problem is that I’m pretty impulsive. Which doesn’t bode well for managing a sustained creative output. I’ve pondered the possibilities of turning this into a space where I publish short stories, poems, articles… you name it. And, I’ll stop you before you jump at the thought of hearing my short stories – they’re based on my dreams. Nobody wants to read that.

Do you think there’s a place for both creative tips and social commentary on one site? I’m not so sure. But I’d quite like to make it work. Perhaps this could just become an online hub for my random thoughts, stories AND creative tips. The fact that I’m so worried about having a consistent website is only made funnier by a quick glance at my analytics. Does it always flatline like that?

I guess there’s no point in this post other than to simply justify the fact I own this website. And I think it might act as a little push for me to get back into writing about things that I’m not paid for.

Perhaps in the coming months you’ll see a stronger output of creative wisdom from me. Although I highly doubt it.

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