Reasons your skin might seem worse during lockdown

It might have reached the point for some of you, like me, where you’ve started noticing changes you weren’t expecting to see while we’re on lockdown. Bad skin and weight gain are side effects of being locked indoors for weeks on end. While it’s not surprising that we’re experiencing changes along with our shift in lifestyle, it can still feel really frustrating. As someone who has dealt with bad skin for as long as I can remember, I’ve made a list of easy changes you can make to hopefully start feeling a little better.

Stress and sleep

2am is the new midday, right? Drastic changes to your sleeping pattern might be one reason you’ve noticed a few extra blemishes pop up here and there. Any change to your routine can easily upset the skin and cause breakouts, if you’ve started slacking on exercise you might not feel so tired at the time you usually go to bed, hence you’re staying up later than usual. Similarly, many people have reported heightened feelings of anxiety during this time, which can also cause annoying stress-related breakouts. Spending a lot of time indoors, with the same faces, in the same routine of doing very little can all contribute to an overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety. Not to mention the global crisis in which we currently find ourselves, it is enough to keep anyone up at night. Trying to regain your normal sleeping pattern might be the answer to your skin problems, or simply doing things to unwind before you sleep so that you don’t feel so stressed. I have previously written posts about self-care and similar issues tagged below.

Changes to your diet

Why are we all snacking and drinking so much? Dairy, sugar and fats are all known to cause breakouts on the face. My favourite midnight snack is a cheese sandwich or some chocolate; both of which are super bad for you(r skin). Cutting back on food groups that can irritate your skin and getting to the source of the problem often helps. I will be the first to encourage snacking if that’s how you want to destress, but if you have noticed it impacting your skin in a negative way, it might, unfortunately, be time to stop peeking in the fridge so often.

Your skincare regime

Maybe your skincare regime is too heavy now that you’re not being as active. While we are indoors for long periods of time, we don’t necessarily need to pack on the heavy, SPF 30 day cream that would usually sit under a layer of foundation. Now your skin isn’t facing the harshness of turbulent weather conditions, you may want to switch to a lighter moisturiser. I have also stopped washing my face with product twice daily, since my face isn’t subject to the wild and dirty outdoors. I cleanse with my soap-free product in the morning (Cetaphil for oily skin), apply serums and moisturiser. In the evening, I remove whatever dirt with my chosen micellar product and wash my face with lukewarm water. It depends on factors like how much exercise you do or how sensitive your skin is as to which part of your routine you need to change. A great starting point is checking out Skincare with Hyram on YouTube.

The self-confessed skincare addict and now-market expert has over 1million subscribers who take his advice on how to take care of different types of skin problems. I discovered a lot of products which I tried, tested, and loved per his recommendation.

Bacteria from your pillows

If you think you’re changing your bedding regularly enough, it’s time to change it more often. We’re all spending way more time in the house right now, which means we are probably seeing an increased usage of our pillows and duvets. Whether it’s mid-afternoon napping or sleeping in until noon, our faces are spending more time on the pillow. If you’ve noticed, like I have, a dramatic change in the health of your skin despite wearing no makeup, it might be an idea to change your sheets more often than usual. The problem might just be this simple to fix.

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