A journalist trying to get her big break

Yep, that’s me. I live and breathe journalism, understanding and reporting the truth. I have submitted countless job applications and been invited to a few interviews – I’m just waiting on one person to take a chance on this lowly Gen Z with dreams of becoming a hotshot journo.

You might not care for the plight of a writer, since we’ve decided to embark on an uncertain creative career and, rather than learning a trade, we hope that people will enjoy reading the results of our processing the world around us. But, hear me out: news makes the world go round. You consume news without even realising it; on your daily commute, on your lunch break, and even on the toilet. The reason you know anything about anything is because someone has taken it upon themselves to find out, and let you know. Well, I want that someone to be me. Unfortunately, employers don’t.

So why am I writing this?

  • I need an outlet where I can continue to practice writing and engaging with people
  • I hope it will keep me motivated to endure tedious job applications because I will be constantly reminded that I am not being paid to write this content and if I’m writing all day anyway, I might as well be paid for it?
  • Simply, I enjoy creating content

The bigger question here is, why are you still reading? Are you the same as me: looking hopelessly for work in a field that is so saturated it’s actually upsetting? Or, similarly to me, are you looking to validate your own failures by reading that others are failing far worse? Either way, I’m glad you’re here – and if you’re a creative too, let’s talk.

Regardless, I’ll give you some more context about what I’m going to be writing about. I decided to blog publicly rather than keeping a private journal for a number of reasons, namely, I like it when people read my work. I like the fact that putting myself out there not only increases my confidence, but it allows me to engage with people who feel the same. Sharing your thoughts is constructive as it opens you up to feedback and criticism, which only makes us better creators. It can also put you in touch with people to collaborate with, provide inspo for yourself (and others, maybe), and best of all, you have something to show people when they ask for evidence of your tone in writing.

In terms of topic areas, I can write about basically anything. Many thoughts cross my mind throughout the day, and I often find that if I attempt to stick to a theme, I spend more time worrying about keeping to the theme than just writing about things I want to. So, for now, I’m going to cover a range of themes: travel, self-care, employment (or lack of), and anything to do with my daily life as a creator.

Blogs often evolve as we learn and grow, so I’m hoping that we’re going to be in a very different place this time next year. If you want to follow me along the way, feel free to subscribe!

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